A real Rembrandt on the wall ' '

The NCRV brought in this Rembrandt-year a dvd/cd-rombox with three documentaries about the night watch and an overview of all the works of the master. The \ \ ‘ main movie ‘ on the dvd is a documentary from the years \ ‘ 70, which is about the restoration process. The work was in the museum hall itself out because it was too big to move. Step by step we see how the cloth is stripped of the protection layer, how the stitches-as with surgery-are made and how the work seems beyond repair. Fortunately, the Restorer everything under control and we see the final outcome, when the varnish layer of the painting is taken off and replaced by a new one. Although the quality of the documentary is old-fashioned, the matter was so interesting that I kept looking. Never before has so \ ‘ n large and especially important painting restored. The CD-ROM contains all the etchings of Rembrandt. You will find the life of the painter, divided into periods. You can search by theme, number and type of material. All parts are pronunciation and the cd rom you can really use as a reference book. The design of the interface is truly beautiful. The quality of this is high quality, comprehensive and modern. The best part of all this is the \ ‘ print-your-own-Rembrandt \ ‘ option. Choose your favorite etching from, click \ ‘ \ ‘ print and you have a real Rembrandt on the wall!Image removed by redactieRembrandt, his etchings and his masterpiece the night watch under the knife DVD running time: 54 minutes CD-ROM: Rembrandt the Etcher ISBN: 90-86-02-024-0 list price: 19,95 euro

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