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Island guests is based on the first in the series Island novels of Vonne van der Meer. The story is set on Vlieland. Dune rose is the name of a simple but welcoming rent house on the island. It is a coming and going of young families, girlfriends, students and other temporary residents. Who don’t know each other, but their lives get caught by a holiday on that little piece of Netherlands intertwined. Dana (Eva Duijvestein) is referred to by her husband Chiel (Tygo Gernandt) surprised with a weekend of Vlieland. Together with their son they go a cosy stay. To show that what is right to do and Dana Chiel it there but hard with it. The family of the workaholic Nils (Jaap Spijkers) hires the other part of Dune rose. The negative Nils learns that he has passed on his work for a promotion by a much younger colleague and feels victim. His wife Simone (Marieke Heebrink) and children walk on their toes to make him. Until Simone is tired. Martine (Carine Crutzen) and Sanne (Caro Lensen) care quite a bit in age. Michael Martine’s daughter had, but Martine has ever committed abortion. As the young Michael also turns out to be pregnant, tries to persuade her to take the same decision Martine if they back then. The young couple willemijn and Walter (Egbert Jan Weber) turns out to have a different relationship than their companion and colleague Tom (Johnny de Mol) think. Tom is in love with willemijn (Loes haverkort), but don’t want to firing. Walter then tells him that the situation is different. Director Karim Tra ï dia (the Polish bride) has selected much darker images. Wind, clouds and desolate stretches of beach paint a picture of a different world. The characters take with their travel to Vlieland distance of their daily environment and their problems are suddenly magnified. It is clear that Tra ï slide (known to many as Karim of Sesame Street) rather with images then plays with words. Especially in the first two stories is the beautiful Visual broeierigheid annoyingly disrupted by not always convincing text use. The sometimes abrupt mounting interrupted my personal tension regularly. As the movie progresses, the wind drives out the darkest clouds and the show happy light-hearted. The sublime interweaving of living remains flat and comes, as opposed to the book, at least reflected.

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The sc è nes between Martine and Sanne are oases of calm and game chemistry. Crutzen and Lakshmi are both extremely talented actresses and despite that their relationship (Martine is a friend of the mother of Sanne) total remains unclear, portrayed their story is very strong. Writer Vonne van der Meer is also responsible for the scenario of this TV movie. You could therefore expect that the book and the movie have more similarity. However, I am concerned that the writer could make no real choice. In addition to being in the book multiple, perhaps more interesting, guests of Dune rose are described, I miss the completion of each story. It stays with an introduction and a quick look at a short struggle of the main characters. The craving for more information is be satisfied with reading the book, but after seeing the movie keeps the viewer with many questions behind. Despite these loose ends is a fascinating Island film that portrays desperate emotions of women. The men and Tygo Gernandt, Jaap Spijkers and Johnny de Mol play a subordinate role. The Frisian Fado by Nynke Laverman, that subtly in the film is threaded, the melancholic mood excellent weather and bringing life to the brewery. The occurrence of Lai in the film comes as a very pleasant gift. As for the story: now you want to know how it goes. Those answers you get unfortunately not. That entry to the volatility of the meetings of the various characters. The guestbook of Dune Rose guides, but also prove the customers there only with a few shallow sentences their presence.Island guests with, among others, Tygo Gernandt, Carine Crutzen, Caro Lensen, Johnny de Mol and Egbert Jan Weeber time: 82 min list price: 15.99 Euro Advice age: ALL order Online! Island guests  Island guests

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