Johanna Edwards-The Clean Dumpster

Your Big Break is called it’s dump Office \ ‘. Do you have no point to make out with someone? You have no mood for all that emotional States? No problem, you just switch Your Big Break in, and they dump your lover for you. What a concept! The writer earns points alone with this idea, how come they out? The clean dumpster is also written very fast. Above each chapter is a ‘ am-excuse ‘, a reason to make it out of the Office, or any of the rules, such as for example; never touch personally involved. Of course is precisely that rule violated by Dani. First she is dumped by a ‘ \ ‘ persuaded his ex-girlfriend asking if they still with him to a wedding, then they will arrange a afspraajek for another who has dumped them in command. Subsequently, they have such a pity on a man she should dump that they hired the woman who has her, persuades another two weeks to wait. However, that is nothing, because one day a woman comes to her desk who asks her to dump her married lover. But that’s not just anybody; that turns out to be Dani’s father. And then they’re really in trouble, because not only is she shocked that her father apparently had a mistress, she has her family never dare tell what work she does; they think they are designing Web pages. Along with her brother, she goes to investigate, to then find out that the relationship of her parents seem to be very different works than they ever thought it would. At the same time dumps they called the man with whom she had pity, but because they like him, they very itself actually dumps him anonymous and then she starts a relationship with him. She also tells him that they are designing Web pages.

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Enough complications so, and that is actually the only lesser to this book, there are just too many stories together. In addition, the clean dumpster a very fun book, there is enough momentum in and it is Chick-lit with a particular point of view. And if you do all of this genre loves, this is definitely worth it!Johanna Edwards the clean dumpster 240 pages Publisher: Sijthoff ISBN: 90-245-5455-1 list price: 14,95 euro

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