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Abby is married to Tom and has a pubescent teenage daughter, Jess. Abby is a successful television presenter but she’s less happy in her marriage with Tom. Jess is an insecure girl who are worried if they ever have a boyfriend can get. Also she sees with her own eyes how the ever worse comes between her parents. Lizzie is a single divorced woman. She never realized that her marriage was not good and they therefore still lives in the past. As a result, she feels very lonely and unhappy. Her spoiled daughter are about to get married and thanks to this marriage, which she and her ex-husband, she comes ever more into the finance ë le financial problems. It turns over together with her husband back from America to her native Ireland, she wears a secret and do not quite know how to deal with them. Sally is actually the only really happy woman, she is married to Greg, has two wonderful sons and a nice job in a beauty salon. One day fate strikes. Sally gets told she has breast cancer and that there are already various metastases. They will not have long to live. After the death of Sally search Abby, Jess, Erin and Lizzie together more and more support and comfort. The four women come find out what friendship really means. They’re discovering that you should grab life with both hands before it’s too late! The author Cathy Kelly wrote earlier the bestsellers atoning sacrifice, someone like you, really in love! and and you then? She lives with her husband and children in Ireland where she works as a journalist. The book comes when slow to start, because the various characters in the beginning of the book extended come to light. You must have often just scroll back who’s who again was. But if you’ve been the people once in your head, it’s like if you were part of the Group of friends. The writing style by Cathy Kelly reads very easy, an ideal book to take with you during your vacation this summer!Cathy Kelly for my girlfriend 479 pages Publishing House: The House of Books ISBN: 90-443-1547-1 list price: 17,90 euro order Online! for my girlfriend  for my girlfriend

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