The Celestine Prophecy

John Woodson gets, after its dismissal, of a girlfriend to hear that he absolutely must go to the village of Viciente to discover an old secret. The priest who they met there for John can still be of interest. Curious as he is, he decides to take the next flight to Peru. Once arrived he meets father Jos é, who tells him that he is in danger and must flee. Shortly thereafter comes the police chasing him and John must run for his life. With the help of a group of researchers, who study the writings for a while, John comes in Viciente. They tell him that the Celestine prophecy contains nine insights that he must learn to understand each and every one. Gradually he finds himself in situations which all have to deal with these insights. While John and the researchers try to find and translate the writings, works them on all sides against the Government. They want to be not that this commitment and will do all we can to keep this hidden. The writings predict the emergence of a new civilization on Earth. Eventually John all nine insights by and that brings him to a unique place, which he could never understand in advance. Image removed by redactieThe Celestine Prophecy is a slow movie with lots of apocryphal sc è nes, in which you absolutely cannot move. Despite that the film is no humor, you become pretty mealy from bad sc è nes and not to forget the bad acting. The events are all very coincidental and that delivers a lot of frustrating on during the movie. The Celestine Prophecy is trying you to carry along all nine insights but this trip is pretty soporific.The Celestine Prophecy Matthew Settle, Thomas Kretschmann and Sarah with Wayne Callies. Director: Armand Mastroianni Time: 99 minutes from 20 July at the cinema

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