Martijn and the magician

Martijn gets little attention from his parents.Who are too busy with their shopping. Only when Martijn (Bart Gabri ë lse) comes home with an inadequate report and the announcement that he stays in place, his parents see him standing. His mother is understanding, but his father does not have a good word to say about the performance of his son. Martijn has a nine for drafting, but that his father is not important. The only one who understands him is his Grandpa (Lex Goudsmit) in a retirement home. Who listens at least to his stories. After a quarrel with his father rent Martijn away from home. At that time he runs against the team that takes up with him near a fairytale film. The Director (Jeroen Krabb é) is immediately bowled over by Martijn. He must be the protagonist, but then he must first have permission from his parents. Martijn says he has no parents and that he was raised by his grandfather. Along with his grandfather, he returns to the set where the Director and producer in sackcloth and ashes, because the magi ë r has afgebeld. The problem is solved quickly, because Grandpa turns out to be the perfect magi ë r. Together they will make a success of the film, but then Grandpa very much helped by a real magi ë r (Joost Prinsen). In the shop came a mysterious man, but where he lives not know Martijn. He decides to go looking and comes out at the circus. Michiel, the minion of the Magi ë r, tells that he really won’t help. It tells more about the magi ë r and his fear of him. Martijn wants Michiel help. The seem to be two different stories, but as the movie progresses, the real magi ë r itself with the film to interfere. He wants to bother, but the recordings she works right in your hand. He has the forces that M. Grandpa doesn’t have. This produces a lot of funny sc è nes on. as in most children’s movies comes on the end all good again. Yet it remains exciting until the last minute. It’s not about Michael and the mysterious magi ë r, then there is something with the fairytale film going on. I find it a very smooth film, in which there is always something happening. Fun film for children, but caution small children because the magi ë r is a scary man. Of course this film not as flashy and spectacular if you’m compares with the today’s children’s movies, but I still like it still a must. The story is still fun. The actors do it all well. I also had expected, for it is of course not the least names that pass by. Jeroen é Krabb and Joost Prinsen are after so many years yet still household names. In short: a fun movie to watch with your kids to agree together. While you retrieve memories of earlier, they enjoy the exciting story.Image removed by redactieMartijn and the Magi ë r with Lex Goudsmit, Joost Prinsen and Jeroen é Krabb. Time: 104 minutes list price: 15.99 euro Advice age: all order Online! nosave Martijn and the magician  Martijn and the magician Martijn and The ë rKarst

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