Wild lavender

Yes, as \ a book is wild lavender. While I’m still for my vacation in a quiet corner snuggled with the book, I disappeared into the world of the then-14-year-old Simone Fleurier who with her family on a lavender farm in Provence live. At first it seems Simone an ordinary 14-year-old, but by the death of her father will change much in her young life. Simone is sent to Marseille. They must go to work as a maid at tante Augustine. This aunt rents rooms in her big house. E é n occupant remains for Simone a mystery. She sees her one day, but that is almost never change to allow this woman with a little dog comes home. The woman is busy with her work and can not’m itself exhausts. Insist on doing so after Simone may one day and she \ the woman. She appears to work in the theatre. Simones interest is aroused. Every day she returns to the theatre. Simone takes a look at the theater more often and so she meets people who give her the chance to get there work. She leaves the House of her aunt and goes for it. Simone gets more and more opportunities in the theatre until she even plays the leading role. She leaves from Marseille to Paris to further work on her future. In Paris seems all to sit against the first time, but the young Simone also breaks here by. She meets her first love, Andr é Blanchard. A rich heir who is also madly on her. He wants a bigger star by her and takes her to Berlin and New York. He even asks her to marry him. Beautiful, I found it. It is too good to be true, certainly so in the middle of the story. And Yes, it’s Simone and Andr é not qualify. And then there is the imminent second world war. When Nazi forces occupy her beloved city, she must make a choice. Will they like other artists just for the occupiers occur and make the best of it or should they flights? Simone decides to sell her soul and never goes into the resistance. What a heroine! More I cannot say.Wild lavender is a beautiful book full of bittersweet passion, romance, drama and courage. Once you start reading, you want nothing but keep reading. It is a fat pill, but since I had absolutely no problem with it. Every now and then I found the story quite a bit wordy are. Maybe the writer had this story better spread across multiple books, but that’s the only negative point that I can mention them. Furthermore, wild lavender really a delicious book. Or as the Australian Women’s Weekly wrote: \ ‘ a phenomenal novel, as powerful as the scent of lavender. \ ‘ highly recommended to take with you on holiday, but take another book just to be sure, because chances are you’m despite the large amount of pages have so exquisite.Image removed by redactieBelinda Alexandra wild lavender 480 pages Publishing House: The House of Books ISBN: 90-443-1563-3 list price: 17,90 euro

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