The Lakehouse

On a winter morning Kate (Sandra Bullock) leaves her house on the Lake and asks the next tenant or her post can be forwarded. Alex Wyler (Keanu Reeves) comes to live in the House because his father has built the House, in the time he was a famous architect. His father then had only an eye for his work and let his family down. When Alex was younger he came with his father to the House looking and so is this home special for Alex. If he reads the note from Kate, he writes back that there never ó ó v r a tenant has been. In addition he understands not how they can describe certain things, which will only happen later. Kate in turn thinks that Alex is doing because he is a joking with her date of two years ago. While Kate and Alex continue to correspond, do they find out that they are living two years apart. They become so fascinated by this phenomenon and by each other that they decide to break the distance between each other. Alex says he wants to wait two years on Kate and they decide to make an appointment at the favorite restaurant of Kate. Alex asks Kate if no wondering if she has missed something, and what’s going on could be. If they end up understands what has happened, she tries to change fate so they are still together.Image removed by redactieThe contains humor, love and of course Lakehouse two good protagonists. The film looks away and there are no complicated story lines in. If not at the dinner party Alex show up, it is for the viewer quickly apparent what the reason is. That realization comes much later in the film and that is as the only bale moment. Yet there is a happy ending and you forget all the misery. A nice extra feature is the role of Willeke van Ammelrooy. In this film she played the mother of Kate. You’re only wondering if they should propose a Russian or that her American accent just so bad. The Lakehouse with Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves and Willeke van Ammelrooy Director: Alejandro Agresti Time: 99 minutes from 20 July at the cinema

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