On the way to you

but then it gets Avery’s husband Then told he has a ten year-old son. The boy’s mother is deceased and then is now his legal guardian. After the shock would really like in his child take home, despite the protests of Avery. For her the boy is a constant reminder to her problem to get pregnant and to the secret past that has concealed than for her. Avery shall ever be able to open her heart for her all the possibilities that life has to offer? The story of towards you is reminiscent of a dramatic film of RTL4 woensdagavond, but not true. The twists are illogical and dialogues implausible. For me is the story absolutely not recognizable, and I had trouble me to empathise with the characters. If you the blurb of towards you’ve read, you know a lot. Not much happens in the story and also the end is very predictable. It reads not pleasant, is very wordy and even boring. Main character Avery is in the beginning of the book obsessively concerned with getting a baby, and that aroused with me quite a bit of irritation on. the book lacks a healthy dose of humor and exciting events, which in itself still makes sense in a \ ‘ \ ‘ story seriously. But even the real drama and sorrow are not really about. It hits me, it remains superficial. And that is very unfortunate, because that had on the way to you can still save. Maybe this book w é l is interesting for people who are busy with getting children or that a slow-going roman can appreciate. Personally I like a little more action!Image removed by redactieJessica Inc á n towards you 271 pages Publishing House: The House of Books ISBN: 90-443-1569-2 list price: 16,90 euro

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