Write your own ' Da Vinci Code '

The travel diary takes you to Paris, London and Edinburgh. In those cities played himself finally the frantic search off of Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu his partner-in-crime for the Holy Grail. Per city you get to see a detailed map with the main events referred to. Follow than corresponding passages from the book away to your memory to refresh and well-known images of works of art. I can only say that the implementation of this travel guide very beautiful. The booklet has a hard cover that with a strap is closed. The Interior is divided into several chapters, each gives a different city again. Because there is much use is made of transparent sheets in processed image and there are special, you get a really old-fashioned Da Vinci Code-feeling. I must laugh at slots on the write page’s that says ” paste here your own photo of the Eiffel Tower ” . Then you get back as \ a kindergarten feel … The price should not be an obstacle. The beautiful booklet is worth more than this. Though you could find yourself in advance may be wondering whether you really producing reams of. But oh well, it is also very beautiful in the bookcase.Image removed by redactieHet Da Vinci Code travel journal based on the book by Dan Brown 160 page’s Luitingh publishing house ISBN: 90 245 5959 6 list price: 12.50 euro order Online! write your own nosave & # 039; Da Vinci Code & # 039;  write your own & # 039; Da Vinci Code & # 039;

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