My stolen life

Ren é es story would have remained unnoticed, as the French Nicolas Jallot never the plan had conceived a film and book to worry about French behind the iron curtain. Jallot visited many Russian French and French Russians who, for a variety of reasons, at the outbreak of the cold war no longer could find their way home. One of the ï nterviewden é Villancher ge Ren was e. The, at the time of the interview, 73-year-old Ren é e has a tough life behind it. When she’s with her daughter by her mother two months é n full of anticipation in Russia arrives, turns out to have been a woman her husband and child. Total displacement and the language is not powerful, try the illiterate Ren é e (she has only basic education) to return home. The Communist regime works against those attempts on all sides. After all, it is loss of face for the USSR, and foreigners would flee the poor conditions. Ren é es paper be taken and she is stuck. She is intellectually and financially incapable to continue protest against this great injustice. It relies, in contrast to her mother, in a sense in her situation. Ren é es bigamische man Ivan pummels her and drink themselves end up dead. Her mother dies without ever having returned to her homeland. Only thanks to her three daughters (Ivan’s) and two sons (a second, nicer man) remains Ren é e standing. After 57 years in extreme poverty to have lived, the media coverage of Nicolas Jallot for a wave of compassion. In a hulpcomit é é es native region Run set up. Everyone raises money to bring her greatest wish. And so it came to pass. Thanks to private initiatives can Ren é e at the age of 76 put foot on French soil again. They will stay in France for two weeks from now. Then return to the hamlet in Russia where her children and grandchildren live. Now she can die.My stolen life is based on a gripping story. As a reader you can hardly imagine how the situation in the former Soviet Union must have been. How is it possible that so many people are fooled by a regime. And now it’s even not much else. The wilful deceit, the powerlessness of the individual and the backstabbing of those in need grabs you to the throat.

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The fact that my great-aunt in Hungary between 1945 and 1991 led a similar life as Ren é e in Russia, ensures that the book I read in é é n jerk off. That is the only reason. Nicolas Jallot chose to display the story exactly as the uneducated Ren é e itself has written down. That results in a maze of side issues, a bad writing style (also due to the translation) and a bunch of totally unnecessary footnotes. The reader must sometimes read back a number of times to find out where Ren é e talking about now and in what time events. That’s not good for the brightness. This particular use of the numerous pronunciations: \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ in my god, for God’s sake, \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ and misery, \ nightmare \ ‘ irritating. It would be the book the story of Ren é é n e more dignity, if it was better edited. On the writing style, the way of telling and the missing draft of the book is to note that this story is really Ren é es. There is nothing verromantiseerd. That is also the charm of the book. The bald, simplistic way of writing reflects the life of the writer. My stolen life is originally released in France, I suspect all the media attention around to top piece of Ren é es temporary return. Despite the fact that I wonder how meaningful it is to publish this story also in Netherlands, it is nevertheless an ode to Ren é e; She has endured 57 years it finally in a hell.Rene é Villancher my stolen life (Ma Vie é e Full) 182 pages Publishing House: The House Of Books ISBN: 90-443-1583-8 list price: 17,50 euro order Online! my stolen life  my stolen life my stolen levenR.


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