Better than botox?

StrVectin-SD was actually developed for stretch marks. More or less inadvertently discovered a number of American women that the anti-striaecr è me that they used also great worked against wrinkles and Crow’s feet. By word of mouth were in record time a million of these cr è knife sold and ulcers celebrity’s like Jennifer Lopez and Charlize Theron in the meantime with the custom version for the face. The active ingredients in this cr è ë nt me would the patented oligopeptide, Pal-KTTKS called, are.

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According to the user manual for wrinkles twice a day should be sufficient. For stretch marks and scars is three times per day is recommended. Because we have both, we decide to tackle both the wrinkles as maternity lines. E é n disadvantage: the cr è me cannot be used around the eyes and there are now correct most wrinkles. However, a special oogcr è me is available. Within 28 days of showing, says the packaging, so we are curious … The first thing you notice on the cr è me is the penetrating odor. This smells what clinical and menthol-like. Not really pleasant for on the face. The cr è me is not quite so quickly in the skin, massaging. The stuff works amazingly well on the stretch marks! After two weeks is already a clear improvement. And the result for the wrinkles… Well, don’t expect any shocking botoxlook. Granted, the skin appears calmer, but the wrinkles are not disappeared like snow in the Sun. Perhaps the book oogcr è me better result, but unfortunately we have not been able to test this. Would you like to try StriVectin SD itself? Ordering can be a lot cheaper via

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