The Dream House

Kate and Simon, two thirty-somethings, have in their lives had to process all the necessary downs. Simon had no steady job for almost a year when Daisy was born and Kate was struck by a severe postnatal depression. According to the doctor this was due to the pending grief by the sudden death of her older sister, when Kate was seventeen. The trauma of the heavy delivery obviously had the old wound torn open. Meanwhile, Simon and a stable job, Sam born again by the appointment of an au pair can also back to work as a publicity agent Kate. Everything falls into place again slowly but surely. However, there is a wish that they would like to see fulfilled; a private house with garden where the children can run around but the most important thing for Kate: where they could be themselves. The terraced house where they now live is way too small for three adults and two children. Until one day London Simon proposes to swap to the countryside. During a visit to Norwich is drawn to a shop window with trinkets from Kates look the twenties and thirties. In a glass display case is in a corner a medallion on a chain, with an image of a girl with wavy hair and a dove on her palm. Unfortunately, half of the medallion is missing yet know Kate that she has seen it before. But where? One thing is for sure, they should have the jewel. That same night she dreams for the first time about the beautiful House, The dream home. By the engaging storytelling Thomas quest you Kate to her dream home. It is such a nice written that it also \ ‘ \ ‘ my search was with all the recognizable facets as pain, sorrow and tragedy, intersecting. Exactly as you can expect on your life path and where you hopes that eventually the love will be victorious. Kates dream house stands for me for much more than just the ultimate place to live. I also think the State for coming home, where her heart can give and receive love. Would you like to be transported with a romantic but also realistic dream, then read the dream home. the dream house Rachel Hore the dreamhouse 394 pages Publishing House: ISBN: 9022544702 list price: 18.95 euro order Online! The dream home nosave  the dream house The droomhuisR. Hore

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