First rehearsal day of the musical Tarzan

it was pressure in the repetitiehal in Utrecht yesterday. Lots of press and other ge ï people were published on the first rehearsal day of the musical Tarzan. Apart from main characters Ron Link (Tarzan) and Chantal Janzen (Jane) was of course also the rest of the cast, as well as all dancers, singers and anyone but on the musical interaction.

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And that was not all, because there was also important visit from abroad, as singer and composer Phil Collins – that both the music and the lyrics wrote for the musical-and Director and set and costume designer Bob Crowley were present. After a presentation and some information about the april in the Fortis Circus Theatre in Scheveningen in premi è re previous musical it was time for the photo shoot with the cast é official ë le n other celebrities. At the end, of course, there had to be a piece of tasted of the only real Tarzan-cake!

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Soon you read on an interview with Tarzan-Chaira borderslee, which player Ron Link and the beautiful role of gorilla mother Kala

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