Ron Link crawls into the skin of Tarzan

Ron Link was on 24 november as inexperienced musical actor elected to the Dutch Tarzan. It was about the life of this jazz lover and former Idols candidate from one day to another completely upside down. Happy with the role? ” How about you! This is a huge challenge and a great honour. When I took part in the audition rounds I didn’t know what awaited me. Singing, dancing and acting I found a nice combination and also what attracted me was the very combination pop songs and musical. I was always a fan of the music of Phil Collins. That was so n ó g an important occasion to participate in the auditions, ” said Ron, who just can’t wait to start rehearsals. ” Every day is a new experience. I am really just beautiful moments. That began when I along with Mark, Dennis, Wouter and John sat at the last five. When it became é cht mean business! The most beautiful moment? When we were five to New York. That was really the crowning glory of all efforts. Such a thing is also a confirmation of your can. You are finally not just by Joop van den Ende Productions sent to New York for an audition! ” Ron looks with great fun back on his educational journey. ” Except that we had a nice time and got to know each other better, we have learned a lot. We were singing and dancing lessons in addition to flying lessons and gorilla-movements. Especially those flying lessons were spicy, you should get a certain technique learning and … certainly have no fear of heights! Fortunately, I have slept there itself. I think flying is one of the most fun aspects of the role, just like the meetings with Phil Collins who I so am a big fan for years. ”

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Growth means for the role of Tarzan Ron more changes. ” Tarzan has of course a broad and tough body. Not that I have a Arnold Schwarzenegger body aspire or that I want to be a muscular, macho man, but it can be more athletic. Therefore now I train three times a week in the gym ” , according to Ron that very looking forward to his first musicalrol. He sees Tarzan as a growth in its carri è re. ” I have participated to Idols and played a starring role in the dinner show of the Centuries in Studio 21. Also I have experience as a singer in the cover band \ ‘ Told You So \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ Link2Jazz and the jazz band. But Tarzan is of course the á llermooiste what can happen to you. I don’t see it as a stepping stone, but as a huge opportunity to grow. Who knows you like it so much that I want to stay in musicals. But so far ahead I think yet. But first let me go all the way for this role and then we’ll see further. ”

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