Girl with nine wigs

girl with nine wigs is released for the first time in August 2006 and has since been reprinted four times. That é é is one of the reasons why we still review this book and because it is a topic concerns what all of us is: cancer. This horrible disease such as cancer or pussy-Sophie calls it. Barely a year before her mother is declared clean of cancer, the harder is the blow to the family if they are told that their youngest daughter Sophie who also has all of a sudden illness. There breaks a period of uncertainty for them.

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However, Sophie is a young, dynamic Lady, who are not easily let store. Her bald head as a result of the chemo obscures them with wearing wigs. She has at one point even nine and they all have a name: Stella, Sue, Daisy, Blondie, Platinum, Oema, Pam, Lydia and Beb é. Each wig gives her a different feel and a different identity. They wrote about themselves: ” I as much distance between then and I now. It does help, so many different faces, to see yourself really well. So, that’s me and that’s me and that’s me … and this I’m really. ”

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Girl with nine wigs, however, is not a journal in which the writer revels in self-pity or philosophizes about it’s why me? \ ‘. No, Sophie not, though. She is the lead actress in her own doctor’s novel, surprised her doctors, sisters and fellow patients with other kankerpati ë Kala, is struggling with the love and heartbreak and knows how blessed she is with her family and friends. On the other hand suffers from them with platelets, cancer, chemo’s sweat and her fear of death. Of her friend she gets the book by Kluun, what her huge hits of course. But it is the book of \ ‘ \ ‘ her friend Lance Armstrong that keeps her on the leg. Girl with nine wigs is a record of a young woman, who perhaps has no future and of the present makes what it is. And that all the way in her own way. As Stella, Sue, Daisy, Blondie, Platinum, Oema, Pam, Lydia or Beb é, but above all as Sophie itself. Sophie van der Stap writes as a freelance journalist for various magazines about going out, parties and singles. \ ‘ Girl with nine wigs \ ‘ is her debut and is therefore quite a while in stores.Image removed by redactieSophie Varma girl with nine wigs 224 pages ISBN10: 9044608509 | ISBN13: 9789044608502 publishing house Prometheus | 2006 list price: 15,00 euro Website: order Online! nosave girl with nine wigs  girl with nine wigs Girl

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