The wolves girl

one moment it’s raining

rock hard and then it’s suddenly dry. At the time that the Sun emerge kwomt is there to hear a wolf howl. Someone sees that a girl jumps in the street rent and a tree. Indeed, jumps. A girl of only six years old. Ellie, the police Chief of Rain Valley, goes to investigate. If they look up to the tree she sees a small girl sitting, dead silent, with a young wolf in her arms. The next few hours is Ellie busy girl from the tree to talk. I am not even of chapter three and wants the book no longer put it down. Because there is written from several people you really get a complete story. Especially the thoughts of the little girl I find very well thought out, even the language \ ‘ \ ‘ is there custom. In Rain Valley go the gossip fast, very fast. In no time, is anyone aware of the girl who can fly like a bird and jump like a cat. The reality is totally different. The little girl sits under the scars and filth. In doing so, it is totally unclear where she comes from and what’s in her short life has happened. The girl is not talking and seems to be autistic. Ellie decides her sister Julia to call that a famous child psychiatrist is. Or actually was, since a scandal è Jovi ï re has combined her career. Despite the scandal Julia seizes this opportunity and try to win the trust of the girl, and her to talk that way. The girl is named Alice and Julia post after a few months progress. In the meantime, there is a lot of press, which slowly afdroop when it became apparent that the girl would not go talk. Also finding her parents dont want to succeed. The State would also prefer the girl stop in a home, because they think they are better off. As Julia has just begun with the adoption procedure of Alice stands there all of a sudden a man at Ellie at the police station. He claims to be the father of Alice and want her back. In the days that follow, they discover the true, horrific story of Alice and what she has gone through in her short life.  the wolves girl Kristin Hannah writes In her latest novel about trust, love and forgiveness. They do this in a way that I have to keep reading. What happened to Alice, will they ever going to talk? Also walk there besides this main story a number of storylines that are interested. The sisters Ellie and Julia never really went with each other, until Alice popped up in Rain Valley. Also love the \ ‘ \ ‘ is a subject which is particularly refers to the life of the two sisters. If you like this kind of stories, this book is definitely a must!Kristin Hannah Alice, the wolves girl 368 pages Publishing House: The house of books ISBN 10: 90-443-1660-5 ISBN 13: 978-90-443-1660-5 list price: 17,50 euro

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