Morning by the sea

halfway through the summer, the brothers Ben and Jeff to the Beach House. The atmosphere turns. Their mother is doing everything to make it her eyeballs. The two men show direct interest in Sydney, but she loves the boat off. Ben is a gluiperd, she finds. And dreamy Jeff, who is with the lovely Vicki. But then it turns out to have dumped Jeff Vicki. He has his sights on Sydney and that is in the seventh heaven. She goes in on his courtship, diligently to abhorrence of Jeffs mother. Brother Ben also it doesn’t seem to agree. Fortunately, Julie and her father both overjoyed that Sydney the family is complete. On the wedding day of the lovebirds, however, something terrible happens. After that, no one and nothing more the same …Morning by the sea has the editor been a nice way. For example, an editor just really no click with a book. Another takes it from her. In this case it is good to imagine what the problem is. The novel morning to sea is charming, sweet and you smell the sea and the beach. However, the details are so extensive and distant described, that you as a reader having trouble getting é é n to be with the main character. The whole remains, even with shocking twists and turns, quite numb. The detailed and subtle way of writing, however, also has its charm. Very refined the cracks in the already turbulent life of Sydney described. Yet the reader is not. Only the relation of Sydney with her father-in-law, the father of Jeff and Ben, comes in. If he dies, know writer Anita Shreve to realize a lump in the throat. With the rest of the family and love issues will keep you as a reader at a distance, like looking through a pane of glass is watching.Morning aan Zee is a separate book. Every page seems to radiate peace, even by the way of format. Personally I like there and I came so easy through it. My colleague did not and as it turns out that always tastes differ. Image removed by redactieAnita Publishing House The Morning seaside 286 pages Shreve Library ISBN 9789022548400 order Online! Morning at sea  morning at sea

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