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the Canadian Seth Rogen isn’t exactly the man with the looks or the one for which you would turn around if you would run into him on the street. On The Contrary. With his somewhat old-fashioned glasses and his stature, put his clothes, that is not determined from the first the best hip clothing line, is Seth rather someone you would run over easily. However, the man something special that is difficult to describe. It is the positivity he radiates or maybe the joie de vivre? It makes him at least until an extremely pleasant person to interview. Seth has fun in everything he does, a lot of fun. And who wouldn’t when you yourself never predicted a great future and the success you smile on you unexpectedly? Seth is since the success of his last film Knocked Up suddenly seen as d é future in comedy. It is a humorous movie with content about how a one night stand, emerged from a night drunkenness, can lead to a serious relationship, in which pregnancy is an important item. You see the life of the protagonists gradually change dramatically. Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) turns a blank Todd, who runs a kind of porn site with some friends, in a young man who discovered its responsibilities. He wants nothing more than a good father for the forthcoming baby. A violent subject for Seth Rogen, which there are a lot of life lessons from pulled out. ” E é n thing I know for certain is: I’m still l á ng not ready for fatherhood. I can imagine how profoundly it would be and how I would react itself. For that matter I still have a long way to go. I am also only 25 and then may be you still so talk right? I am sure that in ten years ‘ time, everything is different. ”

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\ ‘ Knocked Up ‘ é é There is one thing that stands out during the group interview in the Amstel hotel: the catchy, great laugh of Seth, that at virtually every answer he gives, blares through the room. He answers patiently and with great pleasure on each question is put to him. In Knocked Up, he plays for the first time a real lead role, rather than a kind of sidekick or a supporting role. What he found it? ” I kept me just for that I’m not the lead actor was. Because I put in a movie sc sc è ne è ne for view, I also don’t like the idea that I am the center of the film, ” says the actor who once started as a stand-up comedian. ” It was never my idea to continue as a stand-up comedian. I saw it just as a stepping stone to later scenario writer. ” And the latter is definitely succeeds, because Rogen had an important influence during the movie. It goes very well with its comedies, because except in Knocked Up is he to see later this year also in Superbad, for which he himself wrote the script. The film has great reviews everywhere, like Knocked Up in which he also shows as a true nerd.

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Rogen was very pleased with his co-star Katherine Heigl, who played tv host Alison Scott takes on. ” I thought it was really great to work with her. When we were busy with the casting, I had immediately like: she is the. We hit it off right away between us and I also found her pleasant company. We have not really long time the chemistry, which was needed for the sc to create ë è nes, ren. Because we are constantly falling out, it was also not really intended that we could get along well with each other. The whole concept is so, that there is not exactly a romantic chemistry between the lead actors is. We noticed during auditions that shouting at each other there very amusing actually looked and there it went, ” says the man who admits that one of his favorite spots is Amsterdam é é. ” I’ve been here before with a friend. When we have visited museums and … also some coffee shops. My visit this time has a very different character: I’m here with my girlfriend and then behave very differently. ” About his future makes Seth Rogen is completely no worries. ” It goes very well with my carri è re. Knocked Up is a great success and that promises much for the future. You are not yet of Seth Rogen off! ” Image removed by redactieKnocked Up running time: 129 minutes Advice age: 12 years from 27 september at the cinema

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