Review: No Reservations

the evening was completely sold out and that was to note. All flowed well in advance the lobby v ó l with chattering ladies. Consequence: the feeling that you are in a real chicken coop. We were greeted with a fruity cocktail and were allowed to take a seat where we wanted, first come first served! Fortunately, you can from every seat in the great Hall 1 of Rembrandt everything fine overlook. Review: No Reservations

Catherine Zeta-Jones stars in this romantic comedy next to the relatively unknown Aaron Eckhart. She played the role of top chef Kate Armstrong, who actually just lives for cooking. Day and night she sits in the signature restaurant where she works or is she on path to the best ingredients to find patients for her latest ë dishes. Kate lives a pretty lonely existence, because they have had bad experiences when they let people come close t é. Particularly men of course …

the only where Kate has a good band, is her sister. If they come by a tragic accident and her little daughter As Kate takes care ë remains, for the girl in itself. That is as improvising: how to use a little girl in your busy life as a leading chef? And how does that ü any notice, that living with a child? Kate’s boss, the owner of the restaurant, is that Kate taking a week off to himself to come and get her life in order.

 Review: No Reservations if they come by a week t ó ch on her work, she turns out to be replaced by the quirky Cook Nick, who a very different style of cooking has é n leadership than they do. She is outraged that this has happened to behind her back and must therefore nothing having this separate but charming man. Kate and So ë seem to be able to get used to each other, but in the meantime not to Nick it is interfering and surprisingly good with children turns out to be able to go. There is growing something between Nick, Kate é n such ë, but what is it exactly?

the story is terribly sweet juicy, but with beautiful morals: When do we dare us open and vulnerable for that person? If your life actually is not so fun anymore on your own and you need another actually very hard? Do we dare that step than to set it up? And dare you to fight for your own ideals?

this film is really one for a nice MoE with girlfriends. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays very refreshing and also this Aaron Eckhart does not store any bad figure as caring, sweet and funny intruder in the difficult life of the two ladies (large and small). The role of So ë is played by adorable Abigail Breslin, a good cast talented kid. Absolute must-have for in your feelgood collection!Oh yeah, and all those ladies who went met with a goodie-bag back on House. Marieke_B

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