The Sindone conspiracy

The Sindone conspiracy uses two storylines. The first storyline is the history about the Sindone, the robe that Jesus had at his crucifixion. Already shortly after the death of Christ, there are several parties that want to have the shroud in their possession. In the book are that Turks and the Knights Templar. This because this dress the most precious relic is of Christianity. The second storyline begins when a fire breaks out in Turin cathedral, the current site of destination for the shroud. During this burn is there someone killed earlier which the tongue is cut off. Marco Dominick, Commissioner at the Department of Art crime, tries to find out what exactly happened and who try to steal the shroud. His quest leads him along with his colleague, art historian Sofia Galloni, back to a society from Turkey and from the influential early descendants of the Knights Templar.

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the shroud of Turin I had read that this book was to compare with Dan Browns the Da Vinci Code, but it’s not nearly as good. It is very confusing that there are two time images and that also this time images are split into different storylines with various characters. This increasingly long jump of the story makes you not comfortable in the book. It makes it even boring and unreadable. It’s not not exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Only at the end the story takes an exciting turn of events and the events follow each other rapidly on. what I really found disturbing to the book is that the author it was necessary to the women in the story to get dressed with expensive designer clothes. Thus, Sofia regularly in the story Armani and buys them every other day something new. Personally, I liked the not any added value for the story that they do not feel comfortable in her Armani jacket. When I want to, then such information I pick up a chick lit. Because the final sprint in the book suddenly was exciting, it’s not quite a afschrijvertje. If you keep lingering so from what thrillers, then you need this book sure even read.Image removed by redactieJulia Navarro The Sindone Conspiracy 381 page’s Siren publishing house ISBN: 9058313980

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