Manu Chao celebrates always summer

it is the first time in a long time that Manu Chao-born in Paris as Jose-Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao-on musical area of news, for his last studio plate Pr ó xima Estaci ó n: Esperanza was already six years back. Still in 2004 he made a musical comic book, but that was only intended for the French market. Chao kept in recent years mainly engaged in producing. It is clear that La Radiolina \ ‘ \ ‘ is a lot rougher than its predecessors xima Estaci Clandestino and Pr ó n ó: Esperanza. That is already made clear with the opening numbers 13 D í shaft and Tristeza Maleza. Rainin in paradize single also is much more violent \ ‘ \ ‘ than in the past, Bongo Bong and Clandestino were. For example, more use made of electric guitars, but also the necessary faster beats are not lacking. That doesn’t stop Chao there happy not to sound \ ‘ \ ‘ are trusted be heard comfortably in the ear, the songs are still there.

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So do Politik kills and é v è s best Mundor much thought to his big hit Me gustas t Amalucada vida is a delicious ú and lome ending to the album, you-despite the time of year-that summer feeling. Of course makes Manu Chao again using musical influences from all over the world and he also certainly not after to make it clear to his political views. So is George Bush a willing victim, although it seems that nowadays, in any case, very in to be in the artists world. With La Radiolina by Manu Chao after six years silence has at least a worthy successor to Pr ó xima Estaci ó n: Esperanza delivered. The plate differs clearly from the first two, but the vari ë of styles makes the music you will not soon get bored. The numbers are on the short side, but there are no less than 21 songs on the album. And forget those drizzly summer La Radiolina but put simply: on and you get without saying a leave summer feeling.Image removed by redactieLa Radiolina by Manu Chao tag: Because Music running time: 51 minutes order Online! Manu Chao nosave celebrates always summer  Manu Chao celebrates always summer La Radiolina (Special Edition) Manu Chao

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