What comes Around

she was once as Hooker \ ‘ Angie \ ‘ involved in the arrest of her pimp and the death of his brother. This pimp is now, years later, freed and out to her beautiful life thoroughly at odds to catch up. Carolyns man is not aware of her troubled past and just sits on an important point in his carri è re, with the elections coming. Carolyn does everything for her family outside this \ ‘ \ ‘ to keep echo from the past. If they succeed in it also, of course, is but the question. The gorgeous actress Emanuelle Vaugier we among other know from CSI: NY and Saw 2, plays the role of Carolyn. I have to say that I personally not very impressed by her game. My idea to made, making them losing credibility. George Newbern, known from Father of the Bride and tv series such as Cold Case and Friends, is responsible for the role of Pimp, who still has to settle an account with Carolyn. Also he plays this role with varying degrees of success. With moments he convinces as a petty criminal in need, but also his game sometimes seems unreal. Nick Mancuso (among other plays in Under Siege part 1-2) is in the role of Russian mafia boss still the most convincing. He plays his role with gusto. However, it is not only the acting that is below par. The whole story remains very at the surface and the characters are nowhere really deepened, whereby you as a viewer remains remote. In addition, there are few surprises in the script. I am surprised and only once for the rest was a matter of inkoppen. In my view the film deserves the designation \ ‘ \ ‘ thriller absolutely not! Actually, the whole film just disappointing. Without giving away the content I can say that the end of the movie very rushed, which I was again confirmed in my mind that this movie it just é cht has not!Image removed by redactieWhat Comes Around running time: 90 minutes released by: SB Advice age: 12 years order Online! What comes Around  What comes Around

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