Marc Forster about The Kite Runner

How did you get involved with this movie? I read The Kite Runner (The software developer) for the first time in 2003. Rebecca Yeldham-é é n of the producers of the film The Kiterunner handed me the book and said that they like it was involved in the filming that I wanted. At that time there was no script, so I could not there yet to begin. I was dazzled by the book. Later, during the filming of Stranger Than Fiction I threaded a first insight into the script and I was immediately enthusiastic. What you felt when you got the book for the first time las? I was emotionally overwhelmed. The book gave me especially feel like I entered a world where I knew nothing at all. The emotional connection with the people was also incredibly strong. That to me was another example of how we all in some way and that it goes far beyond race and religion.What attracted you most to in the story? The first time I read The Kite Runner, was that my first encounter with Afghanistan. The book touched me deeply and transported me to a different world. I knew the country until then really only of negative posts about the Taliban and Bin Laden. This book and the human family story has me really deeply.What was your biggest fear when editing Khaled Hosseini’s book for the big screen? I thought it was especially important to make a movie that did full justice to the book and in which respect for the culture of Afghanistan emerged. Because I don’t come from I found that extra important. It is, of course, with eight million copies sold a popular book with many fans and that I also wanted to not punches. Also, I have very good all the details on that were filmed, as well as the emotional complexity of the characters.

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How was the cooperation with Khaled throughout the film? Khaled is a fantastic man and we are during the making of the film become good friends. I strove that he would be proud on the film. That is, of course, the biggest compliment you can get as a Director. When he eventually said he liked the film me, I felt completely happy. Why have you chosen China as a main location for recording the movie? We were looking for different locations in the world. So we went to Turkey, India and Morocco, were Kashgar in the Xinjiang Province in China, in that most resembled Kabul in the 1970s. We could not run in Kabul itself, because there is still no adult film industry. Where did you get the right children for the roles? The casting director Kate Dowd, with whom I have worked also on Finding Neverland, has sought all over the world and thousands of children had on call. She has spent one and a half months in Kabul and has me taken to two schools where I also met them. I even had vliegerles of them!Why did you choose Khalid Abdalla for the lead role of Amir? I had seen him in United 93 and found that he had an incredible charisma, though he had in that movie not the chance to fully develop his acting talent. In The haunting childhood he really comes fully into its own. I had really no better protagonist can choose.What was Khaled Hosseini’s reaction when he first saw the film? He was quite impressed and told me that the film was more than just the companion of the book. Khaled also said that he was very happy that his culture and dignity were the book with the movie. That was for me the greatest compliment I could get.The software developer is running from today in Dutch cinemas. See our review of this movie: the haunting childhood moving

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