Column: Tough choices …


I can not so easily kids get as the ordinary \ ‘ woman. Andi wants them though. At least one. But not now. I’m still not bereidm \ a party princess existence to hang up. But I have less time than other women to make that choice. And then you stand so for a dilemma … Column: Difficult choices ...

Well one finds also that you first must have before you a nice relationship to children begins. Well I have a relationship, which is becoming more fun again, but that to me is not a prerequisite. I come from a long line of women who up until their own children. I wouldn’t even know how to do that together with a guy. Then you should consult. Seems to me irritating. And also to draw difficult compared to your child if you disagree about which line it is.

but everyone fuckt me at the time. Thinking, ha fun, a child. And hoppa, next month they are pregnant. So unjust. If it were up to me, I need only a child about a year or 6. But that’s no longer an option then. Not if I want to at least one of myself. So I have to choose eenbewuste. And then it becomes even an awkward bunch all. Bijsommigen is so easy. They do not stop to think that it is also very different


and I have no doubt every day. One day I guess, yes I want it though. The anderedag should I think of. I’m too attached to m \ a party animal existence. On the other hand, I would like to do some meaningful with my life. But is a child what sensible? And my mother also went just out when I was little. But still, a single mother in this time has a full time job. Don’t think there still energy left to go out

every now and then.

 Column: Difficult choices ... choices, choices. Usually I’m very happy with m \ a party chick exist. Entertain me so fine. Nice and do whatever I want. But then I hear again that someone is pregnant. And then I want it somewhere too. Before it at all anymore. On the other hand, if I am visiting in someone with a child and it’s going to whine, then I think, for the time being, yet … What, never fails! That screeching, terrible! It seems that you are not as annoying as it is your own child. Probably, in the long term, are you deaf by datgekrijs, so then you can hear the


Pff, well, not, later, now, later, never, ever, maybe, sure, still though, rather not … I can not decide. And I rarely bother with a decision. I follow my sense and chop bite the. But in this case I feel not know what exactly I feel. * sigh *

I just think of the wise words of my grandma. \ ‘ \ ‘, Council comes time Comes.And otherwise to the way advertising slogan: \ ‘ all good decisions are taken at the right time. \ ‘

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