Midlife crisis for women

the story The sisters Andrea and Susa approaching forty. They are both married, have kids, pets and life seems to run flawlessly. Until the sisters with their girlfriends go to a beauty farm. Andrea meets there a whole exciting man and is overwhelmed by feelings for him. She begins an affair and the text messages flying over and over again. Then something happens, making the life of the two sisters at odds is complete. Their parents are killed in a car accident after a decent amount of money and let them. Susa met her old love Meanwhile and travels to Rome to be with him. However, the real life begins again far too soon and there will be decisions to be taken. Because for what love choose Andrea and Susa?The book if you names like that of Linda de Mol, Gordon, Manuela Kemp and Wilma N used to on the back of your book, it is not really credible. Certainly not as below it states that you press agent and manager of Linda and Gordon are. They will then certainly no criticism of your book. And that while the book actually pretty boring, despite the lovers, competitors, passions and tragedies that the women in their lives. Halfway through the book I wanted to actually put down, never to pick. But I have persevered. The book consists of two parts. The first part is written from Andrea, the second part from Susa. When you have saved to the second part, then breaks there a more enjoyable story to. It reads faster and is a more enjoyable story. Whether it is on the problems that women seem to look knowingly, or the ease with which all young and beautiful men seem to go for them, the story is implausible. This female midlife crisis for me is incredible for a fine chick lit even t é. As far as I am concerned, not really recommended, but if you love an optimistic novel about almost-forties that middle stand in life, you have 38 1/2, 1 m & 2 lovers certainly give a chance.

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 Midlife crisis for women  Midlife crisis for women 38 1/2: 1 male & 2 Kasper

269 pages minnaarsXenia Publishing House: Truth and dare IBN:


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