Keith Richards snorted fathers as

last year told the guitarist of The Rolling Stones in an interview with a music magazine that he had feeling the ashes of his late father Bert. The 64-year-old Keith, known for his excessive drug use, then said, ” the strangest thing I’ve ever sniffed? My father, I snorted my father. He was cremated and I could not fail to him with a little coca ï ne to sniff. My Dad wouldn’t mind have found. ”

logically, much ado about this

came into being, but a spokesman for The Rolling Stones wiped the story of table. Keith Richards now says, however, that it was true. The guitarist reveals in the magazine Blender: ” I opened the urn and by the suction of the lid came there as on the table right. I looked at the shaft and was wondering what I had to do now. I found it unworthy to throw the ashes in the trash, so I moistened my finger and sniffed a bit as I interspersed on the rest of the axis from

to an oak tree. ” There was no question of cocaine

according to Richard: ” I do not use cocaine more since I’ve had a concussion. ”

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