Rossana Kluivert rescues 25 dogs


and her husband, footballer Patrick Kluivert, pull themselves to the suffering of animals in the world. ” On the occasion of the birth of our son Shane last september, even though we support the animal protection on Cura ao ç. When I heard the story about a group of dogs in Portugal, who after a miserable life on the nomination were to be asleep, broke my heart … ” onderam

Directly the Stylist of the program The eventual champions XXL action. The dogs are picked up from Portugal with a truck and housed in the grounds of the bunch, currently in the French Lille lives. ” Until they have found another master, they stay with us in Lille. Now let me build lofts in our garden. ”

fact is that it is going to be very busy in Huize Kluivert, because the couple already had two dogs by himself and has six children

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