Dunya & Desie: Maryam Hassouni

Maryam, how are you? \ ‘ Yes, it’s good! It is very busy! And that is just, so it is best to just there but something nice out of it! This is already the fourth press day, Furthermore, we have had a number of tv shows and upcoming events, interviews, photo shoots and. .. And we go on for a while until the premi è re

on 17 april. \ ‘  Dunya and desi: Maryam Hassouni were you excited when it was announced that a film would be created? \ ‘ Yes, sure … I was asked whether I would be interested in a movie, ge ï when I still was working on the third season of the series. I was right like: of course, why not? I had totally not expecting that they really were going to work seriously with that movie. A few months later I heard suddenly that there is already a story was for the film and also a first version of a script … then it went very fast! Very special, I thought it was a lot of fun. Especially since my character Dunya another story has, that does have really something exciting. \ ‘

do you think that there are major differences between making a series and a movie? \ ‘ that differences are absolutely. When making a series of are you more concerned with the various loose short episodes and the situations in which your character is at that moment. And when a movie is really about character development; your character starts somewhere and is at the end of the film quite anywhere else. That you have to feel, but also ensure that the viewer that feels. Dunya is not as pronounced, she is very introverted and everything happens at her from within. So I thought it was pretty exciting; come be fine then about? \ ‘

 Dunya and desi: Maryam Hassouni managed with that development of Dunya? \ ‘ I think so. In the beginning she is best sad, they know it all just no longer. A whole new adventure beckons in Morocco; She finds it all super thus together with Ali, but also very exciting. In addition, the girls also quarrel… But at the end of the film has really found himself Dunya. Some things just happen, that you can’t stop it. If you but positive attitude and your own choices. And that has also done Dunya. You see really that she is a strong woman and that I find very important. \ ‘


you seem on Dunya? \ ‘ I find that I quite on her corpse. I often get the question if I already have taken leave of her a bit, but I guess I never really said goodbye to her k á n take. Dunya is really a part of me. When I played, the series was Dunya for 90% exactly the same as I was then. Anyway, she is getting older and I am also become that. In addition, you are now more aware of the camera and the fact that you are acting, but she is really a part of me that I will never get rid of RID. \ ‘

 Dunya and desi: Maryam Hassouni Will the girls in Dutch society much in Dunya recognize do you think? \ ‘ As Moroccan girl I think you would want to identify with your best Dunyabecause you need the positive Moroccan girl that Dunya is, besides all that negativity of today. In addition, you recognize the questions she is. Girls who wonder of \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ who am I and where do I stand \ ‘ can recognize something positive in Dunya and see how it can. \ ‘

you are with the whole crew have been to run five weeks in Morocco. How was that? \ ‘ I was once before been in Morocco, but in a different area. I have ever visited my family in the North of Morocco, but we were recording in the South. It was for me so just as new as for the Dutch crew. I really enjoyed the country to get to know a little better again. \ ‘

 Dunya and desi: Maryam Hassouni have you ever been given the chance to see some of the country? \ ‘ We have really worked a lot, but because we were in different places for different sc è nes and parts of the movie, we still have quite a lot to see. We have turned in a village near Casablanca, Casablanca itself also in the big city, also in deserts and also in the Atlas mountains. Especially so all different types of area of Morocco. \ ‘


Dunya and Desi are your best girl friends, but how is that for real? You already have so much and worked so long, is Eva (van der Westhuizen, ed.) to call a girlfriend? \ ‘ Yes, that is they for sure! Of course in a different way than in the film, in it they don’t know better than that they only have their friendship. We each have our own lives, but the click is super good. The friendship that Dunya and Desie have in the movie, we don’t need to play more because that is already there. There is therefore room for improvisation and coming up with details of the friendship. I guess that is why you in the film also believes that those two girls are ‘

girlfriends can you call a property of Eva you very special finds? \ ‘ Eva is a young strong woman, she is very positive in life. According to me is her motto also for enjoying anytime and every little thing. I appreciate that very much into it, I think it’s very clever that they so does. \ ‘

 Dunya and desi: Maryam Hassouni you have won an Emmy Award for best actress in America. Has yielded a lot of extra attention and work that you? \ ‘ well, in Netherlands means the Emmy actually not all that much. The country was proud and everyone was happy, so I did get a lot of attention and it was very special, but on stage made it not really anything out. \ ‘

the series Dunya and Desi has European awards and the film gets a big role at the film festival in Berlin. You also have international ambitions? \ ‘ I love it just for the time being still at the projects that come my way, that are actually only Dutch productions. I just find it very nice to work here. If intensifies comes, I will of course do my best for and there might be an audition, but it’s not like I’m focused on overseas and that I want to go make it there perse. If only I just can make beautiful things, it makes me not matter where that is. \ ‘

do you still have some of those beautiful things in prospect or already walk? \ ‘ I start this week with a TV movie, a love story about a Moroccan girl and a Japanese boy who do not speak each other’s language. They must therefore communicate with each other like children do that. That is a very nice movie. A feature film I still do, but I can not nothing about  Dunya and desi: Maryam Hassouni say

why should readers. \ ‘ Ze.nl’s the film about Dunya and Desi really going to look? \ ‘ you should go and see him for sure, because the film is about friendship and everyone speaks the language of friendship. Everyone knows it and you don’t have to make as many words to actually not dirt. You see it, you feel it and you recognize it. It also doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone needs it. The film is also about motherhood, so even if you have children you will recognize a lot in

what about

. \ ‘ your own friendships? You have many friends? \ ‘ é é n my friends are really on hand to count. But they are girls where I very much love! They are very different in background and character, but the most important thing is that you leave in your value each other as friends and not have the urge to get someone to want to change. You have to be yourself together and that I can at them. \ ‘ also read the interview that we with Maryam’s co-star Eva van Rensburg (Abra) had!

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