Review: Mirrors

a man rent pressure looking around by a building. He tries to flee through a window in a hurry, but unfortunately … He’s too late. Cabinet doors fly open and the man looks at himself. Its mirror image cuts his throat by

… the movie has begun.beginsc è ne

a typical of a horror movie. Speed, fear and horror. Unfortunately, this was quickly followed by a sweet juicy sc è ne, American family situation. While there are some relationship problems, but we all know that the good comes. Total gedesori ë oriented is the viewer suddenly in a typical neighbourhood. Where is the horror gone? Review: Mirrors

the horror is limited initially to a burned down department store. Really a beautiful backdrop that is absolutely   a sfeerverhoger. The main character, Ben Carson, art-decor in this gigantic building has a temporary job as a security guard. Soon it turns out there’s something wrong with the mirrors. This let him see the most horrible scenes.   Be unusual also in reality play things off. The horror moves to the outside world. What are in the mirrors and why they have it on Am coined? A quest for these answers leads to a person who could save him and his family.

of course, the movie contains the old-fashioned hartverzakkende

scare moments and blood-curdling horrific massacres. The only pity is that these moments clich and é are scarce. If you are coming for horror and horror, you expect no dramatic posturing and certainly not bombastic Hollywood ending with minutes long explosions inclusion  Review: Mirrors f


to my high expectations of the acting talent of Keifer Sutherland (Ben Carson) were not met. On a boring way he played the role of a frustrated, redundant, gekgemaakte agent by mirrors. Paula Patton, who plays the wife of Ben,   yokes, however, the Crown. Perhaps they cast because of her present decollet é that attracts the eye of the Viewer; especially when they move through the water a road trying to protect her son against his jobs to reflection.

the sharp changing of genres within the film, the minimum acting performances of the actors and the uninspiring dialogues could I not charming. Maybe I should take a look in the Asian mirrors!Mirrors runs from 18 september

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