Mari Jolene goes for it!

That this talent may fulfill the role of Aldonza, thanks to her rendition of the title song \ ‘ \ ‘ I love you in looking for Evita. A chance where they pleased with it. ” I should hang out the whore ” , she says with a smile. ” Because there is little known about her, I would like to mee too really deepen in the lives of prostitutes. ” That floor in a role is T important. ” It really helps me as I learn more search and me reading. I have also done in Evita. So you discover how someone is and how that might be experienced if you know that person itself would be. If you need to play a role is often to’m you tools to make your own. So I have the first times when I was in the lead role was not even can enjoy. You are so busy with your game. Fortunately that the performances soon afterwards and it is beautiful. ”

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Whether they are a leading role or takes place in the ensemble, the actress gives time and time again \ ‘ \ ‘ one hundred percent. ” It comes to the credibility of the story. That puts you with z \ ‘ n all down. It does not matter what I do. I’m all for it. HUP, which shoulders underneath and do what you need to do. I’m not easily satisfied and never accept that something is good. I think there is always room for more perfect. ” But if you stand not only with one another musical star on the stage in order to create a credible set of. You sit, especially in works created by the country, constantly at each other’s lip. ” It is really a surrogacy for your family. Sometimes they know even more about you than your loved ones. In addition, they understand you also, of course, because you have the same goal. We are all so silly to much for our work, so that we can drop a beautiful show for the public. ”

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T leave much for the dream that she had as a child. ” In my head I was always here working on it. I wanted to sing, dance and acting. But that does mean that I barely have a social life. My relationship is there even been played. I’m not even during birthday and let there be even holidays for shooting. If I have a few days smoking, once I’d rather sleep in my own bed. Fortunately my family understands that. ” On the future makes the best talent is a bit worried. ” Of course I can now very tough to say that I have every confidence that you have in this industry, but have unfortunately not only in your own hands. The only thing that I can do is my best and I do so with great pleasure. ”

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