Compulsive Suns: tanorexia

more and more young women develop a zonverslaving

. They feel more beautiful as they Brown and suits therefore, as much as possible, Sun and when the Sun isn’t shining then bring them a  compulsive suns: tanorexia visit to the solarium. Experts call this phenomenon tanorexia.

This addiction has life-threatening side effects, because a lot of contact with the Sun or tanning bed means an increased risk of skin cancer. The number of people with skin cancer in Netherlands takes


Exact figures about tanorexia in Netherlands are not there yet, but research in America and ë in Belgium shows that the

for a serious problem.

especially students seem to be addicted to tanning and the use of the solarium. That proves a research at the University in Richmond. 25% of all students would no longer want to live without the Sun bank.

do you find having a Tan is so important or protect your skin you prefer?

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