Music on the water!

around half past eight in the evening the old canal boats on the é people n flows to David sluis. The place where the rivers meet the old Canal and the river Vecht. The place to be for that evening. Is a huge display on legs just barely on the quay, while a floating stage sure is located in the Canal. The musicians of the performance Waterproof playing Live in. They will open the evening. The red lights to the railings along the water flicker bright in the looming dusk.

The Utrecht UITfeest

controlled last Sunday in the streets of Utrecht  music on the water! . On that day the doors of all the theaters, museums and other cultural institutions open so that everyone can at least meet with all the beauty of the new cultural season. There are many free performances, performances and workshops to promote. This year, for the fifth time the driving In organized by the Dutch Film Festival. This is a preview of the Festival which opens on september 24, really

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the first boats have been installed for your monitor. In the meantime try some guys their tottering under the low bridge boat to maneuver. A tough job as there is a 3-seater sofa on the Pontifical boat been set. But it succeeds! They proudly sail along the people who have a kids something wanted on the quay. From the shore, a dozen meters wide stairs leading down to the water. When his first Live show catches on, Waterproof is the stone staircase chock full. Employees share styrofoam zitplankjes to the public so you after two hours movie watch no petrified on backside. The guys have meanwhile put their bank boat right in front of the stage so they may miss nothing.

 music on the water! with a beer from the Heineken-stall presses the last people there still between on the steps. The advantage is that you warm during the movie. There is chosen for the comedy Tiramisu, of golden calf winner Paula van der Oest. The main roles are played by Anneke nice block and Jacob Derwig, which (inter-) national prices have on their name. Block plays a well-known actress who spends way too much money on expensive Prada’s and luxury wines, while its debts just pile up. Derwig plays her somewhat loser book holder, who with her to do. He out the actress not even further into the pit to lower


a few 65 \ ‘ ers clocks at the Heineken-stall a little too much beers back and start screaming about the whisper-quiet audience: \ ‘ what a klotefilm! \ ‘ the crowd laughs here, but is not further distract from the silver screen. When the movie reaches its end  , everyone is relieved to be home. So at eleven o’clock the evening cold for \ a

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