Interview: Trijntje Oosterhuis!

When Trijntje Oosterhuis on a new project starts, is that only when they see a big challenge in itself. So it was that, for example, its cooperation with the great Burt Bacharach. ” A great admirer of Burt Bacharach, I have always been. That man has so many beautiful songs created. When I got to the Blue Note and EMI’s ability to sing his songs, I knew immediately that I é n é of my most beautiful albums could ever make. Walk On By, Anyone Who Had A Heart, Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head \ ‘: they are all classic songs where almost everyone with it. It was of course the question or something see Bacharach in our cooperation. After he had seen my dvd Thousand Days he was completely convinced. Eventually I took é é n, but not two albums with Bacharach songs on. that was great! ”  Interview: Trijntje oosterhuis! about the person Bacharach says Trijntje: ” he is so modest and dedicated man who’ve actually really all that normal pale and close. We could communicate very easily. You had not at all feel of \ ‘ he is the composer and the singer I \ ‘. It was all very equivalent. Also it was particular to see how so \ ‘ n greatness remains himself at all times. Bacharach has me very inspired ge ï. I found it an enrichment for my carri è re

to work with him. ”

many of which are reflected in the Bacharachs songs songs show Trijntje Oosterhuis now goes along the theaters. Of this theater tour is a special dvd and cd appeared, containing the registration of é é n special appearance: that in theater De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. Trijntje is here along with guitarist Leonardo Amuendo told   during a for its special, intimate evening. In addition to the songs from the tour much more extra’s over. ” It was very special for me to be able to cooperate in this way with Leonardo. We actually know each other for years and have done many fine projects together. When I thought about it again to my songs acoustically to the public be heard, I immediately thought to Leonardo. I don’t know anyone who can play the guitar so beautiful and intimate if he. ”

Trijntje is clearly enthusiastic about this particular performances. ” You see how I drop a whole together with Leonardo intimate show: just a voice, accompanied by a guitar. This tour is very special for me, because I have a large number of my favorite songs in acoustic form bring. It was quite difficult to make a choice for the repertoire that we would bring. I have in my carri è re so many beautiful songs may sing. Alone with Bacharach-songs I would fill a whole evening. ”

 Interview: Trijntje oosterhuis! How does Trijntje that all, you wonder? She seems to be the happiness and positivity always to take. ” I am fortunate that I am always surrounded by love word. I have a great husband, two beautiful children and a family where I always can count on. You also get a lot of positivity from there. I appreciate it very much that I can do so many special things. Yet it is not all just to me though. I should also rock hard for work. Everytime I go to take on new challenges. If it is then all again is successful, then I can feel very proud and grateful to me. ”

Wants Trijntje also do not like to mention the borders look? ” I am certainly open. But you can’t claim or enforce such a thing. If it happens then it happens and this is not the case then it is also good. I am also pleased with everything that’s happening here. The plates, the gigs, the appreciation. Price every day I do this that I may me happy. It is absolutely an enrichment of my life. ”

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