Win: DVD box of ' t Smoking Schaep

since January 2, install itself on average two million people weekly in front of the television to enjoy this fantastic series. Top actors such as Pierre Bokma, Marc-Marie Huijbregts, Loes Luca, Georgina Verbaan, Carry Tefsen, Jenny Arean, Bianca Krijgsman, Laus Steenbeeke and Ton Greenhouse parts weekly ups and downs. The remote access Amsterdam met together earlier in a Jordanian buurtcaf é types, now, ten years later, the site a camping in the dunes. The enthusiasm of the series off, partly because of songs from the 1970s such as Ay ay Dolores, for a moment, let me just, again and again, pastoral, I do what I do, a man should not cry, won’t the beautiful summer Is over and I’m glad I’m not forget you. A delicious series, friendly way to dream. Thanks to the producers that the IDTV and Kemna, and the KRO broadcasts weekly on television series. Above all to screenwriter Frank houtappels and creative producers Frank crooked and Job Gosschalk, who shaped the series masterfully. From 17 February is \ ‘t Smoking Schaep (met de 5 pooten) available as 3 DVD Box. As many as six hours of viewing pleasure!

WIN! may be a number of dvd boxes to give away! Give, to have a chance on this fine price, answer the following question: what role does Pierre Bokma in this series? Mail your answer to, mentioned ” \ ‘t Smoking Schaep ” in the subject and also put in the email your name, address and username on Without registered user name you can unfortunately not join! Only é é n entry per address is accepted. This contest will run until Monday 23 February

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