Obama goes his promises?

Obama Goes

his promises?

 Obama Goes his promises? Sophie ” I think Obama, like all Presidents, not all will be able to live up to. When I give a speech hear sounds that are all very beautiful. If he could live up to all its promises something, if only é é n thing, then I find that all very clever. It will be difficult for him now with the credit crisis. The Americans all want to be, but they will also have to drop off. And the question is whether they still stand behind him. But he will start doing better, much worse can not. ”

 Obama Goes his promises? Jenny ” Obama promises, of course, a lot of, such as with the locking of Guantanomo Bay and more. He wants to tackle it, but whether it really is to come … Many Americans stand behind him, he’s the first black president and that’s been a big change in itself, but I still wait. The credit crisis is so \ a big problem and the Americans feel everything he says be fine, but they should also do é z lf. I wonder if it will succeed that all over America this is contributions … ”

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