The woman behind Obama

who is the new first lady?  the woman behind Obama Michelle, 45 years old, was born in Chicago on 17 January 1964. She studied at Princeton University and Harvard Law School and then went   in Chicago working for a law firm. In addition to her work at the law firm was and she is still very active on social areas. They filled public posts in the City Government, including as an Assistant to the Mayor. They also gave guidance to non-governmental organizations that encourages young people to become active in social organizations.

How did the Obama’s together?Michelle and Barack met at the law firm where they both came to work. Michelle says this about her meeting with Barack: ” what I first noticed when I met Barack was that-even though he had a funny name and he grew up in Hawaii- the woman behind Obama  his family so much on mine seemed. Barack was raised by his grandparents who were working-class \ ‘ \ ‘ people like my parents and he was raised by a single mother who with a bit of money tried to come around, just like at our home. ” In 1998 the couple got a daughter, Malia and the second followed in 2001, Sasha. The president and the first lady have their home in Southside Chicago abandoned and are now in the White House pulled. é é

StijlicoonNu Michelle n of the most important women of America is, she is also seen as a style icon. The Dutch fashion designer Monique Collignon compared her with former first lady Jacky Kennedy, and many with it. Both are/were elegant women with a smoking \ ‘ basi  the woman behind Obama c \ ‘, but very graceful dress style. The clothing choices of Michelle from head to toe from now on are being watched by the fashion-watchers and many women will imitate this look.

what will it now as first lady going to do?Michelle is seen as é n é of the most important advisors of her husband. They will try to assist Barack where they can be. During the election she has already contributed to support Barack and to give themselves powerful speeches and they will give him further help in making important decisions. They will also next to this task started charity work. And of course she wont even mother, whatever a lot of attention from her demands. Michelle wants to try the youth of their children as normal as possible. the woman behind Obama In an interview In 2007 told Michelle: ” I believe that a ‘ first lady \ ‘ are a full time job, but I will only find out if it actually happens. But my priority is to make sure that my family is happy. No one can predict what Americans expect in a year of a first lady, but I will give the country what it needs me. ”

that time has now come. Michelle is the new first lady … and everyone seems to have every confidence that her task well next to the wife of the president will accomplish!


Michelle! We believe in you …

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