Interview: the shoes shop by Dorine Christ.

” Dutch shoes brands have its own signature: they stand out by their individuality, comfort and quality. That combination makes it worthwhile to shoes of Dutch designers to sell. ” That says Dorine Christ about the reason that her shoe store at the Rotterdam Nieuwe Binnenweg completely full of shoes of Dutch designers. The Dutch-made footwear is ” a nice product that modegerelateerd artful attached and is against it. People here often with their noses pressed against the window. They are totally amazed that there are such good Dutch designers turn out to be. ” Dutch shoes designers are-with the exception of the famous and internationally renowned Jan Jansen-not known to worldwide audiences. Yet the work of Dutch designers often extravagant no hype, noted Dorine Christ when she went on the footwear sector ori ë Orient. ” Several Dutch brands have really their individuality. The stiletto heels of the shoes of Hester Vlamings include very special. I do this not just because the Dutch designers are. ” Dorine Christ opened three years ago her first shoe store, a cottage in the artistic White the Witstraat in Rotterdam, where she especially designs by Jan Jansen sold. Last year she moved to its current location: a spacious property in the ever hipper becoming New shortcut. They expanded its range from-including fashion brands Grotesque and Dutch Charm-and opened a floor with bargains. ” The shoes that I sell are of a kind that long current-they are not overly trend sensitive. In the room where shoes from previous collections marked down for sale, good people come look around. ” Next to shoes is also in the store room for some special accessories: of polyester suitcases and learning portfolios to felted scarves and hats. ” Accidentally turned a customer felt scarves and hats, which I have taken there on consignment at. Actually, the almost art items. The quality of these products fits with what I have in store further. ” Itself is a good customer of Dorine Christ her own shop. ” Of all the brands I sell I do have shoes in the House. The clumps of Jan Jansen I find fantastic. I walk actually the most on that clogs, which are so delicious. ” Also about the proper fit of the slippers of Zook can they talk from personal experience. ” Sometimes people ask: why are these shoes so expensive? But the price-quality ratio is just very good. ” In addition, the price to do with the use of materials and the European production process, typical of the Dutch fashion brands that sells them. ” These shoes are not made by people who for twelve hours a day in a factory are three dollars. All shoes that I sell are produced in Europe, ë in Portugal or Italy. The control of the production process is thereby greater and the working conditions of the manufacturer are better regulated. I want to actually pay attention, both on the environment and social aspects of the products that I sell. ” For more information on the website of Dorine Christ

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