I love your man

Clara Voigt himself was married to a man who vreemdging. And after they divorced, she was violently in love … on a man who turned out to be married! She began a secret relationship with him, despite her principi ë le objections. The attraction was too great. The secret relationship brought butterflies, but also loneliness. Eventually she managed to end the relationship to be ë. Then came the idea for a book on this theme. Voigt: ” such a relationship is a resource for writers and film-makers, but true stories you rarely hear. ” ” It is often dumb bad luck, ” says Voigt. ” You can’t just choose who you fall in love with. ” During the talks with mistresses left them her verdict on \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ or good error therefore loose. She recognized much in the stories. Like the other women, she had initially the idea that such a thing never would happen to her. They also recognized the difficult saying goodbye to if the love is still present. Voigt: ” first the illusion before you can let go. It is a fight between your mind and your strong feelings. ”

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writer Clara Voigt: ” Infidelity played a big part in my life. ”

Have to be mistresses certainly no riotous types, according to Voigt. Every woman is a potential ë le mistress and all types there are receptive to. As many as é n é on the three women over thirty has had an affair with a married man. In the book, the love stories of fourteen different women displayed. Voigt were searching for answers. She wondered why someone in as \ a difficult relationship and why men to start such a complicated relationship. She has therefore also raised questions about the background of the women and men in question. It occurred to her also, that few men in the lovers end up position. Voigt: ” Women seem to be easier to be able to fit, also to a subordinate situation. This force to be their weakness at the same time reads. ” The writing style of Voigt fast and I could me well empathize. I have the book almost in the same breath exquisite-the bored no time. All interviews are by Voigt turned into stories, stylistically the most similar to stories from the magazine my secret, only with more depth and background information. I consider it positive that this book is put on the market. Judgments about such relationships into understanding, can I find a good thing. Voigt let clear see, that besides the world of seemingly happily married people, an unknown but not inconsiderable schadduwwereld exists.  I love your man Date published: October 2008 het Spectrum 183 pages available at: Amazon.com ISBN: 9027491976

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