super invention!

is a new simple way to order by sms to the contraceptive pill. By sending a free sms to \ ‘ 3010 \ ‘ you get the contraceptive pill will be sent within 3 business days. super invention!

this I want to! What to do?

download here the registration form, fill it in and send it free on. to check that you have been the contraceptive pill have had, is to ask you once required to the label of your pill (it is pasted on the outside of the box of your pill) to send them. Use your birth control pills yet, go to your GP. Then send the recipe on to

If all your details are correct, you will receive an sms with your login information. From now on you can order anytime, anywhere the pill by a free SMS message (containing \ ‘ bestelpil, name and the name of your pill \ ‘) to send … It’s as simple as that!

there envelopes within three working days on the mat and you have again a stash of pills at home. The delivery costs are paid by   SMSdePil .nl.

you even get at agreed times (every three or six months) a reminder via sms, so you never need to worry about pressure follow-up orders … So you’re never without pill! And do you have extra pills necessary because, for example, you go on vacation, this is also no problem!

 jpeg: super invention! what about the cost? Your order will be declared directly at your own health care provider. Only your own contribution (if you have one) is through a direct debit

ncasseerd ge ï.

What a great invention! I’m going to sign me…

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