Interview: author Judith Visser

Judith Visser, who revolutionized the prostitution world in 2006 with the ë le roman controversi Antidote, made recently released its thriller debut with piece. Piece appeared in november, got a lot of rave reviews (among other   on and by now is already the third edition appeared. It goes so well with the 30-year-old Rotterdam. Judith describes himself as a great animal lover who in addition to writing her books like deals with her two dogs and a passion for horse riding. She is hooked on the music of Elvis Presley ( ” the only music I can turn on without it while writing distracts me. ” ) and has engaged a few months ago with her boyfriend Michael…

did you always want to be a writer? Or you had another dream as a young girl?

” I’ve been writing as long as I can remember, but I used to not going to make my job out of it. I always thought I would go training, police dogs or guide dogs  Interview: author Judith Visser train. That attracted me very much, I have naturally a good association with dogs. But you may actually not really a band with so \ ‘ n dog get their final destination, because in the end they have to go, and that seemed to me hard, so that did not go through. My second plan was to vet Assistant, but that did not go through (too much with death, which is not good). Eventually I nutrition I had the aim of study and to start a private practice as a nutritionist, but just then I started making concrete plans for there came the idea for Antidote (my first novel) in me on. I chose to me there to deposit and the rest is history … haha. ”

do you remember what the first real story is that you’ve written and where that was all about?

” Hmmm, I’ve been writing since my fourth. My first story was I believe about a horse that a spirit was and that just by é é n certain girl could be seen. I remember my mother was excited, haha. I believe they even kept somewhere. ”

How does well actually: the process of writing a book?

” it starts with an idea in my head. This idea let me mature, so the chance to get a beginning, middle and end. Once I got that right in my head have been, I write it in short on. a kind of summary. And from there I come there working out, sc è nes, chapters, etc. Eventually  Interview: author Judith Visser creates a \ ‘ \ ‘ first version of the manuscript and I stand than to work until I’m satisfied. On average, a manuscript so \ ‘ n ten versions before I return to the publishing house. ”

where do you get the inspiration to writing books?

” é é n things on the way impressed me and stay with me. That remains then somewhere stuck in my head and then developing an idea for a book. At least, I think so. I don’t really know exactly. I’m going to never consciously looking for a topic for my book, it just comes to me. and if it appeals to me then I go using it. I will always try to write original books, not something that has been done many times before. ”

How would you describe your own writing style?

” Very intensive. I write in the I-form and use the \ ‘ \ ‘ method-method of writing, that means you while writing completely in the role of your main character. I feel as if it were what my main character feels. That is winter. But it works for me well. I also find research important, you have to know what you’re talking about. ”

it seems to me quite tricky to write every day for hours on end. Do you have difficulty motivating yourself and how do you stay here?

” I have phases. There are weeks where it’s great and I all day if in trance’m writing, and there are weeks that it just fails. That I spend the whole day on Facebook or Google rondstruin or too long with my dogs in the park hang on instead of back to go home and  Interview: author Judith Visser to open the laptop. Currently I am sitting happily in a good phase and that is beneficial, because my new book must be written! ”

a new book? When can we expect?

” I am already hard at working. He will appear in september of this year. I need the script over a few months off, so I have it currently very busy! I can not tell you too much about, but it is my most exciting book yet! ”


is your voucher in the shop goes     Piece about an insecure girl. that horribly bullied and a fatal decision. A pretty harsh story so … How did you get the idea of this book come about?

” I had the idea for Piece though when I had only just off Antidote. That first still another book (Tinseltown) has appeared before I started me on writing Piece, is because piece so \ a violent book. I had to be really mentally ready for to be able to write. The idea is in a special way: tired all of a sudden in my head. Almost supernatural, haha. But working out it turned out pretty snappy: by the thinking of Elizabeth and to endure what they all get in the book, I was sometimes very down. But I  Interview: author Judith Visser am glad I’ve written the book, because I get an incredible amount of responses from people who have been there really. Many young girls also, for example, girls who are themselves being bullied or girls who struggle with anorexia. I always give everyone who emails me (via e-mail or Hyves) a personal response. ”

what would you like to say to all those girls (like Elizabeth) with a negative self-image?

” realization that everyone is unique. You are beautiful in your own way! Be happy that you are different than others, that’s what makes you special and once you can see for yourself you will see that it also is noticed by others. Emphasize your strengths and if you looks in the mirror, smile then look at yourself. You deserve it. And most importantly: you pull nothing of all that bullshit in the media about all those so-called \ ‘ perfect \ ‘ women’s bodies. There is no such thing as just é é n kind of perfection, and not at all when it comes to, for example, an emaciated body with silicone breasts. Onnatuurlijkers something is almost not. Women come in all shapes and sizes and that is exactly what us so beautiful! Be proud! ”

That is a very nice advice. You’ve also got a good tip for beginning writers?

” stay especially write a lot and also read. By much reading you learn how it should and should not and what style appeals to you the most. Send something not too quickly on to a Publisher, but first make sure that you know for sure that this is the best is what you put in you have. And underestimated it. Many people have a romantic view of writing, but it is also hard work. Every day goes on the computer and you need to get started, and once it is finished you are often struggling for months with the rewrite, delete and planing v  Interview: author Judith Visser an your text. There you should be like. ”

do you have any other ambitions besides write?

” I want to keep me focus on writing my books. So far every year is a new book by me appeared and I plan to keep that as long as possible. Also, I would love it to be translated and published in other countries. But I would also like to work for aid to animals and for animal rights. I do that already financially, but in the future I will go do it in other ways. ”

Is writing your full-time occupation or you’ve also got other work?

” writing is my job, I have no other work besides. Fortunately not, because then I would come in serious time, haha. My new book should be off! ”

we are very curious about this book of the new nice writer! é N e thing is for sure: we will keep a close eye on its  …

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