Home stretch for Krezip

Krezip is founded in 1997 by six young musicians, of whom the vast majority at that time still in high school is. The big break comes three years later when the band a gig may give on Pinkpop. With the understated ballad I would stay the youths not only conquer the hearts of the spectators, but also those of many people in the country. The song is released and shoot straight to the first place of the charts. In the years that follow, follow the hits each other on, the é é n even more successful than the other. In between, there are some shifts within the band: the solid core Jacqueline Govaert (vocals, piano), Anne Govaert (guitar), Annelies Kuijsters (piano, vocals) and Joost van Haaren (bass) continues, but there are a few changes on the other positions. In recent years, the band completed by Jan-Peter Hoekstra (guitar) and Bram van den Berg (drums). Nevertheless, the band after twelve years that will. The album Best of Krezip, the name says it all, contains all the hits of the band from Tilburg’s origin. For example, You can say, of course, lack, won’t cry, I apologize, Out of my bed, don’t crush me and of course I would stay not on this collector.

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Good news for fans is that there are still three brand new songs are added: the current single Go to sleep, the new single Sweet goodbyes and That’ll be me. There are a total of seventeen songs on the album. When listening it until you realize that the Group has achieved much in its existence. I myself have always had a soft spot for Krezip and I therefore think it is a nice cd to have in m’ve collection. For the real fans, the album of course nothing new, except of course the three new songs. All in all, Best of Krezip a nice review of the band over the years. On 26 and 27 June, Krezip was last on stage, at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. Then each z \ ‘ n separate ways. Jan-Peter è z \ will continue as a musical member of The Sheer re carri, Joost and Bram join the live band of Van Velzen. Jacqueline to try her first baby in april, but we will no doubt hear her in the future.  home stretch for Krezip Best Of KrezipUitgegeven by: Sony BMG Music Entertainment running time: 60 minutes

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