Tom highly of Carice and Halina

Tom spoke even more words of praise about the Dutch actresses. \ ‘ \ ‘ It are talented, skilled performers. We were very glad that they were available. \ ‘ \ ‘ Tom eventually arrived After long wait in the cold, and took an hour the time to shake hands, signatures and on the picture. Even a kiss for a fan could there from!Really was nervous Carice not: \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ Halina More healthy strained. Some felt additional tension now they stood on the Dutch red carpet: \ ‘ \ ‘ it’s scarier, but also more familiar. My friends and family are there now also all. \ ‘ \ ‘ sorry Tom had after the premi è re   no time to stay much longer. \ ‘ \ ‘ I think Amsterdam is a beautiful city, with all those cycling and canals. I wish I could spend more time here, \ ‘ \ ‘ he let

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