Ze.nl sings at Studilio!

make no mistake, é cht Studilio is fun. Also if you can’t sing. Correction: right if you can’t sing! Owner Leo Saeedi welcomes all: fake crows

to genuine star-in-the-making.

 Studilio! The studio is located in Wateringen, on the outskirts of the Hague. Far from civilization, so it seems. Would that be a reason? With the Ze.nl-crew we are by Leo invited to a single including video clip (ow help!) and experience the feeling of being behind a real microphone stand, with a lot of great headphones on your head, behind soundproof glass and a professional-looking

back-complicated mixapparatuur.We are welcomed in a professional-looking

sound studio. We are deeply impressed; This is the real deal. Day karaoke machine and Singstar microphones, Studilio it is! Leo tells us that we are going to record three songs, one of which today includes video clip. We had already in advance sent received a long list of songs to choose from, but we could (due to the fact that we with nine fellow’s are) no single choice. We have therefore given the full Director Leo; It remains to be seen how that will turn out for us!

 Studilio! the start of our (perhaps ever successful?) zangcarri è re is the Grease Megamix. Oops! Like a spicy start. The text we get to practice on paper delivered and we sing a few times with z \ ‘ n all along. But then the trip as far as our group is really ë n split in two: and the first five are the klos. On to the recording space (with that sound-proof glass … in this case, for everyone’s sake), each with its own microphone for the nose and sing but!

It takes some getting used to to yourself and your colleague’s to see a very vulnerable side. Although about singing always giggly and indifferent is done, shame on you you always show if found guilty of actually come out of your throat. But oh well, if anyone out there suffer from turns out to have, you throw all the trepidation away from you and turns soft uncertain whispers slowly but surely in exuberant song. Meanwhile, the remaining group of secretly laughing very hard behind that glass wall (they hear what we do not hear …) but because Leo has dimmed the light we see them happy not sit and sing

we continue.

 Studilio! even the most skeptical colleague’s start to get in there lol, so it is time for single number two: dreams are Illusions is a lot safer and therefore is received with loud cheers. After practicing a few times we dive back into the studio in two groups. Especially the ladies going all the way loose and can not suppress a dance here and there. Singing is much easier if you also have nice moves! The song is all good; Marco Borsato, eat your heart out!

then it is already time for the last song, where also the clip when created will be. From the moment we arrived at the studio we are almost non-stop filmed; This turns out to be all material for the video. When we hear what song it is going to be, we shoot in the laugh: Even to my mother questions is a swinging classic that we all know and which should be so hilarious!

 Studilio! because this \ ‘ \ ‘ should be really good, we practice a little longer. It is intended that we all take turns a sentence at the verses singing and that requires some effort. We split the group in two ë n, but this time the men separate from the women-gun us also some entertainment. After a few takes \ ‘ \ ‘ (hot that at music too so, or only in movies?) State it looked good (naja, as good as possible) and we do é é him n times with z \ ‘ n all, for some nice video images to create

ë ren.

And then the afternoon out! We listen to the gift song by Leo’s band Orange Snow and then really goodbye. Within two weeks we can expect the singles plus clip. With Hoarse voices, sore jaws of laughter and, above all, a very good mood we drive towards Scheveningen. There we talk in a delicious restaurant long after about

this cozy adventure!

for more information on bachelor parties and corporate events on the website of Studilio: www.studilio.nl Below than the result of our afternoon … And now not all Wimpy   leave comments h è?

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