Do something about the environment, start small!

Ecofont developed by SPRANQ creative communications, to raise awareness boost. Because not only do you make frequent use of daily paper but also by ink. SPRANQ has after some investigations can conclude, that unnecessarily quickly deflates an ink cartridge. That was the reason for them with an innovative solution. Actually, the solution was quite simple: SPRANQ has looked at how much you can omit a letter while maintaining readability. Voil à, it resulted in an open source font based on Vera Sans, that to 20% less ink expended. And a font that consumes less sounds very appealing. It is also available in an easy way, because the Ecofont is rights free to download and available for both Mac and Microsoft. You can also support this project on the site of for tomorrow’s world where everyone has a good idea, that contributes to a sustainable world, and actually can come to action. You can’t just start your own project, but also support projects of others. The fine is that per your project itself can determine how you want to fill in input. So if you want to live more environmentally aware and have good idea ë n over here, then, to use the Ecofont after, for the world of tomorrow is the place to be!For more information:

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