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In the book False paradise describes debuting writer Terri Jentz her search for the man who had killed her almost in 1977. With terrifying many details does she report of her treasure hunt and she tells her story. the 20-year-old

In 1977 Yale student goes along with her friend Shayna Weiss (a pseudonym) on cycling holiday across America. The trip goes well, the girls make friends and love to test their stamina. But then it goes completely wrong. In a small town in Oregon camping the girls in a tent on an abandoned dagcamping. They may not sleep there officially, but the female students are tired and they are not the dark at a real campsite. Therefore, they decide to stay anyway, because what could well go wrong?

There is a

that night pick up on the tent back and then starts the driver on to the girls in heels with an axe. As suddenly as that he has come, the man disappears into the night. Shayna is unconscious with serious injuries on the grass, but Terri is still just for knowledge. Despite h  Terri Jentz-false paradise aar two broken arms manage the hair to get help and so saves the young college student life by

herself and her friend.

After this terrible incident is the friendship of Terri and Brad never become the same. Terri is flooded by memories of the fateful night, but Shayna leads to memory loss and wants to know nothing of what happened. Shayna

Terri and lose sight of each other and Terri does its best in order to lead a life as normal as possible, but in 1992 she realizes that they can process the traumatic events from her past only if they go back to Oregon in order to look for answers to all her questions. Desperate, she, fifteen years after the time that they prefer wants to forget, looking for the man who has almost killed her. For eight years she talks with anyone even a little was involved in the accident. People of the police, the newspapers and eyewitnesses. Terri also speaks with family and friends of the suspect and the real culprit. They discovered that the people of the police have paid far too little attention to the incident, and that the investigation has been closed after a false confession. Fortunately the accident still etched in the memory of many people and comes slowly but surely behind the Terri  Terri Jentz-false paradise

answers to her questions.

False paradise is a terrifying book. It’s full of terrible details, and other things you don’t dare to believe. Yet everything in the book is true and that is also the reason why the book is so interesting. You want to just know what happened. Terri Jentz builds in the beginning of the book the tension very much like to be able to wait as long as possible by describing her memories of that night in 1977. And if you arrive there, you should read the report contain a number of times to it really. That someone can do something so terrible.A disadvantage of this wonderful book is that it is very wordy on some pieces. Sometimes the details too much and touch your lost the overview. This book, 560 page’s thick, however, is a must. Terri Jentz is someone with a story that should be heard.

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