Fucking chain mails

FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: you’re just cuddled! Hug your friends, your enemies, everyone!!!  Fucking chain mails After such, otherwise usually well-intentioned posts, I have no sense for someone to hug. Then I feel like someone to save.

at all, and there is no escape this time!!! This time? Can I be ü even once to escape?

This is a start of a total * hug * war! So hug everyone you know!!! As far as I am concerned, this is the start of a total * pleurt-on-with-those-forwarding e-mails *-war.

a hug, so small, and the sense that big. A mail, so small, and the annoyance so great.

 Fucking chain mails it can put a smile on someone’s face. So let’s hug on his time!!! Everyone has ever needed a hug, I too..!!! If you receive this communication, bring it on to at least 10 Hyves friends, including the person from whom you got it. With such emails there will be no smile on my face. Then it jumps there an expression in my face as if I’ve been to a performance of Dries roelvink.

really, I find it very sweet and it will certainly be well meaning, but one need me at all no fine Monday, great Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or a super pleasant excellent week to be desired through my inbox. E é n such n \ ‘ message and I get hundreds of \ ‘ replys \ ‘ (RE: delicate Tuesday) by complete strangers that are not meant for me.

I would’ve been like 200 times died, but strangely enough I still live. I would have to be separated for ten times, but have never been married. My computer would have to be long crashed  Fucking chain mails but he does still fine. I’ve already 73 endangered species saved, but my free midweek package is never arrived. And I do not send mail within half an hour through to at least five friends to prevent them not friendly to me as soon as I do the next time they meet. I don’t want to earn a paycheck in fifteen minutes where I normally have to work for five years, through giving é n é n é é knee and staircase in someone else’s cross, and my plasma tv let me longer than a hour with because I’m not afraid that-ie explodes. Where I do fear is opening my inbox. Send this to everyone you know and then we are there possibly permanently from.

BTW;): * this is a not too seriously by … *


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