The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

© 2009 Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved Benjamin Button is born under unusual circumstances. But mainly he ugly as night. His father explains to him without hesitation foundling, on the staircase of an old people’s home in New Orleans. The doctor suspects he has not long to live. But there is something special going on. At its birth is Benjamin eighty years old and he is younger by the day. ” You never know what’s coming for you ” , read the comforting words of his adoptive mother Queenie. Benjamin Button is different from other children. A \ ‘ \ ‘ advantage for him is that he grows up in a retirement home. Here is his remarkable appearance not so on. He is regularly confronted with death and say goodbye. The oldies have peace with the impending death and that way Benjamin familiar with the thought that every time his last can be. Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button and Cate Blanchett as his great love Daisy Excel in the leading roles. Kudos to the casting! Also the supporting roles are impressive, especially that of Captain Mike (Jared Harris) and momma Queenie (Taraji p. Henson). Rightly gets Henson a nomination for best supporting actress. Trapped in the body of a child, the elderly Benjamin immediately the sympathy from the Viewer. In this fairy tale is the lurking danger of overacteren and still manages to keep his game naturel Brad Pitt in it. Beautiful costumes and decors, perfectly timed music, some over the top movie moments and touching situations make this movie a typical Hollywood production. If you like the genre loves, bored this movie no time. There is in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button spent much time Baby life stages of the eighty to twenty years old. By the end of the movie there is suddenly a huge momentum. Before you know it you’re standing on the sidewalk of the movie House, with unanswered questions. The moral of the story? Whether you’re barred from zero to eighty or vice versa, it’s how you live your life \ ‘ \ ‘. Beauty has a sell-by date and times are changing. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button recalls that externals and (live) time subordinate to unconditional love. With capital letter l.  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button The Curious Case of Benjamin Button running time: 160 minutes from 29 January at the cinema

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