Review: Seven Pounds

the past years, Will Smith é proven é of the best actors of the United States to be. Although his roles often have the same character traits (just look at his characters in Hancock, I Am Legend, I-Robot, Bad Boys and Hitch), bored he not fast and he knows his character to put down perfectly every time. He also can play sensitive roles, he proved already in The Pursuit of Happiness and

now also in Seven Pounds.

the problem of Seven Pounds is impossible is that the story be described. Not because the story has nothing to, not. It is a very complex story, with a lot of hidden symbolism and  -seemingly-loose ends that eventually gekno to each other all  Review: Seven Pounds opt are. The problem is that you can tell little about the story without the whole plot  -and with it the whole movie away. The film is a succession of loose sc è nes that at first seem to have nothing at all to do with each other. Only halfway through you begin to see connections and the impact of the story

you only really clear.

The tagline on the movie poster is \ ‘ Seven Names. Seven Strangers. One Secret \ ‘. And this sentence describes the whole movie. Will Smith plays Ben Thomas who performed good deeds for others. But what deeds exactly are and above all why it does this, you will be completely clear only at the end of the film. Even if you start to get halfway through the movie a suspicion of what he’s doing, it still saves the end hard in. I will not deny that I am a fan of Will Smith. But even the biggest critic cannot but agree d  Review: Seven Pounds at this again a star role is of the millions of actor. Every time he manages to hit you or to charm with a look or a smile, and he represents what emotion; She splashes of his face off. In addition, however, it is a very understated role, a role in which we see him not too often, but that is him like a glove. Also Rosario Dawson (known for Death Proof and Sin City) and Woody Harrelson (known for Battle in Seattle and Kingpin)

beautiful and touching play roles.

, there are also bad sides to the movie? Almost not. In many reviews called the slow beginning as a disadvantage. I found that the beginning wonderfully constructive and that the end pretty quickly through it was hunted. There on looking back, applies this also back the story, so you can not call it a real disadvantage. Further knocking there are some story details of not quite, certainly not at the end, but a chicken who care and also really busy to will make. Review: Seven Pounds

Without wanting to reveal too much about the story, I’d say: go see this movie! And you read especially in advance not to much into on the internet. You want to really not that you the plot at the beginning of the film already know. It extracts the whole impact of the movie road and the film touches you only really when you realize what the whole meaning of Am’s actions. I myself am not a big fan of drama movies but this movie has me (and the people with whom I’ve been to this movie) brought to tears several times. He is so beautiful! He is in the next few weeks my head chiseled. And, I don’t normally listen to Oprah Winfrey, but this time she had a point when she said: ” This movie is going to change your life! ” The movie Seven Pounds is now running in movie theaters!

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