Pack your backpack!

step 1 is choosing a good backpack. The selection of backpacks is huge: you have them in different sizes, colors, designs and of course prices. For a long journey you have a backpack between 60 and 80 litres needed and the most important thing is that the backpack good on you hips, because there you wear the ge  grab your backpack! child with it. Since so \ a backpack can be pretty heavy, it is important that you buy one that fits perfectly on your back and supports on the right spots. That is why it is still really need to put you in a shop to seek advice, buy’m not just on the internet! Visit a store like Beaver Sports and let your advise! Buy one too always a small backpack at that takes you in the plane and used for day trips. Make sure this bag has lots of boxes, eg. for your water bottle and

important stuff. 

step 2 determine the contents of your backpack is. What take you all along?! A classic saying what fits perfectly here is: Less is more! Think of everything you need and get 50% of off … Really take as little as possible. Why? First, because so \ ‘ n heavy bag is disastrous for your back. Secondly, because you still want to buy nice clothes and souvenirs all during your trip and there is the necessary space! And just remember that you are if you forgot something-everything still can buy somewhere and often even cheaper too!  grab your backpack!

there are many super useful sites where you can put together packing lists, customized in terms where you are going, like this site. Select at least for clothing whose color is easy to combine and for a material that dries quickly (for example, cotton). Another tip from a traveling friend of mine is: choose for colored underwear, don’t you get it really clean. That is why it is smart to clothing that you already had planned to throw away. If you are traveling for these clothes to recycling, there will be (more) place for nice souvenirs! It is also smart to bring many layers (tops, t-shirts, thin cardigans, thick jackets), so you can

any temperature fluctuations to cope.

step 3 is actually packing up your back pack … To have the most fun of your backpack you should pack him well. There is, however, not é é n \ ‘ \ ‘ best objective way, you have to find out what you own the finest     a   there are finds. number of tips … Stop the heavy items near the back and at the bottom, so you can j  grab your backpack! e the best way to store balance. Stop the items you use most often (e.g. toiletry bag) as high as possible, then you can easy and you don’t have every day that backpack to turn inside out. Another good tip is to buy special bags at Bever sport. These have a bright color and are smooth, so easily slide past each other (saves space). In each bag you can stop something else: you tops, your panties, medications etc. If you with your flashlight in your backpack seems the bag, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. It is smart to copy ë n at the bottom of some of your Passport, ticket, vaccination booklet and what reserve money in your backpack to do just in case   your little backpack stolen.Do a flight bag to your backpack back and close it off with a clasp. This prevents someone stuff in your backpack can stop or stuff can get out. Tip: when the Beaver Sports even if you sell them a flight bag waterproof case about your backpack back can pull, ideal!  grab your backpack! it is handy to have in your little backpack to stop what stuff you need if your backpack does not arrive, such as:   important medicines, clean underwear and an extra t-shirt


step 4: do on that backpack, step in that plane and discover the world!

do you have a super tip? Do not hesitate and tell it below!

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